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May 18, 2017
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April 5, 2018

So the government is shut down. The affect it has on me is absolutely nill. I woke up this morning exactly like I do every Saturday morning.

The only difference I noticed this morning is that there are government workers absolutely losing their collective minds right now. Some are acting as if they’ve been laid off. Some are saying that millions and millions of Americans are going to feel the effects of an incompetent congress. And, depending on what political party they are registered with, they are slinging blame towards the party to which they don’t belong.

Here’s the honest to God truth about government shutdowns: all government workers who are on furlough right now will get back pay. That pay will be included in the first paycheck they get after the government comes back online. They are not “going without pay” as many are suggesting. Sure, if today is payday for them, they aren’t getting a paycheck today. And this is the exact reason to have an emergency cash stash. This is exactly why Dave Ramsey suggests having $1,000 in an emergency savings account. If you are a government worker who is living paycheck to paycheck, you might have bigger issues to worry about than a government shutdown. And if you’re completely bummed out that you can’t go to Yellowstone National Park right now, piss off. Half of the park is closed anyways during winter.

So, if you are a government worker on furlough right now, why not just enjoy your time off? Go play with your kids. Get outside and get a spring project done early because God knows this wonderful January heat wave doesn’t happen that often. If I was a government worker, I’d pray that the government would shut down 30 days out of the year every year.

TLDR; get an emergency cash savings set up. Don’t boob about forced paid vacations.

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