Idaho Falls Firearms Training

I started teaching marksmanship in 2000 when I was stationed on Parris Island, SC as a marksmanship coach (and eventually as a block NC) for Marine Corps recruits. I spent two and a half years directly supervising and training over 1,000 recruits and permanent personnel. After my discharge from the Marine Corps, I spent my time going to college and engaging in private firearms instruction to friends and family. Since then, my love of training people how to use their firearms safely and effectively blossomed.

In July of 2014, I became an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor and started a small firearms training business called Half-Cocked Academy. I instructed dozens of students of all ages on the basics of pistol and rifle marksmanship. Half-Cocked Academy was closed late in 2015 due to events beyond my control. However, I continue to offer my services as a firearms instructor in a private setting.

Information About Idaho Falls Firearms Training With Chad Russell

  • I charge $20 per hour for my services. Class length is dependent entirely on what the student needs.
  • Classroom instruction will take place at my home office.
  • Live fire will take place in an area furnished by the student. I have no access to any public or private ranges in Idaho Falls. Therefore, the student is required to schedule live fire time on private property or at the public range in Rexburg.
  • Firearms and ammunition must be provided by the student.
  • Targets and other range supplied will be supplied by myself.
  • All classes provided will qualify the student for the Basic Idaho Concealed Weapons License.
  • Max class size is 6 students.